Disney Miles from Tomorrowland - Astro Tilt Game

Blast off into a galaxy of fun with Miles and the rest of the Callisto family!

Embark on an exciting, intergalactic journey with the Miles from Tomorrowland crew! Follow the audio cues from Tomorrowland Mission Control to maneuver the spaceship through the galaxy by tilting the tablet. Explore planets, dodge asteroids, and visit amazing supernovas with the flick of a wrist. For extra fun, challenge friends in pass-and-play action to see who can race around the galaxy the fastest!

Ages: 4+
Players: 1 to 4

  • Promotes:
    • Physical dexterity
    • Listening skills
    • Turn-taking and playing together
  • Product Contents:
    • 1 Astro Tablet
    • 1 Stellosphere
    • Instructions

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